Keep Your Water Fresh and Clean

Clean water is something that is hard to find nowadays. Gone are the days where we could roam around the mountains with our friends or family and find any local water source and drink from it. At some point or another, the water is either dirty or contaminated by a nearby power plant. There’s a […]

Rock Climbing Tips

Rock climbing has become a very popular sport over the last decade and has become a favorite selection both inside and out. Even though technique and equipment have evolved tremendously, it’s still crucial that climbers, particularly those new to the sport, take care to understand the basics well, take all essential security precautions and keep […]

5 Inspirational Climbing Tips For Beginners

Climbing is an act done for pleasure. Apart from pleasure, it is an inspirational activity as well. But the initial stages of climbing can be difficult, but a few tips can save your day. So here are some of the tips that you shouldn’t fail to remember if your climbing skills are a tad amateurish […]