Route Setting

At The Roxx we have over 100 routes available at any time. We aim to
remove and add one new route each day to ensure that there are always
plenty of new challenges for our climbers, without them disappearing before
climbers have had a chance to master them. Grades at the climbing center
range from New Zealand 13 to 32. On our Kidz Wall, they start at Grade 8.

These routes have been set since the regional Competition.

 Route Name  Colour  Grade  Setter
 One Drop East  Blue


 Midnight Marauders  Multi


 Killervision  Multi


 Seventeen & Threequarters  Yellow


 Rick Raw
 Airie  Green


 Skyline  Blue


 Kachoongy  Red


 Andato  Red


 Drishti  Blue


 Tap Trap  Blue



We are always interested in meeting new routesetters as we believe that
it is important to present routes which reflect a wide range of styles, in order
to provide interesting and different challenges on the walls of The Roxx.

If you are an established commercial climbing gym routesetter (from anywhere
in the world), just drop in and talk to us. If you’re a reasonably experienced
indoor climber who is interested in trying your hand at routesetting, we will
be running Routesetting Workshops in 2006. Contact us for details.