What’s New

 We have a new General Manager at The Roxx  :

The Roxx has experienced an enormous growth in patronage since we opened, much
being due to the arrival of Clip ‘N Climb. Jodi Apiata our Operations Director wants to
take some time out after a hectic 2 years full-time work at The Roxx. We have taken the opportunity to recruit and appoint a General Manager to replace him.

Rob McBrearty is the new man, and he is committed to the friendly, professional culture which Jodi has encouraged at The Roxx. Rob has senior management experience and as a business tutor at the CPIT Recreation Faculty. Since 2000 he has worked as a climbing and ski guide and been responsible for the training and safety of scientists taking part in the New Zealand Antarctic Programme.

We are delighted to have him join the team at The Roxx. He will be supported in his work by the 3 directors… Tim Wethey, Jodi Apiata, and John Targett.

Roxx Climber represents New Zealand :

Amy Holland, one of the promising young climbers in the Flying Geckos Climbing Club which meets at The Roxx, traveled to Austria recently as part of the New Zealand Team to take part in the World Youth Sportclimbing Championships. She had a wonderful experience which has served to inspire her for next year. The 2007 World Championships will take place in Ecuador. Louis O’Brien was also selected for Austria but was unable to make the trip due to other commitments.

Clip ‘N Climb at The Roxx  :

Clip ‘N Climb goes from strength to strength, and is so popular for birthdays and families on the weekend that it pays to book well ahead. Evenings are popular with Works Socials, Youth Clubs and Sports teams. It is also available now for Fundraising. Click on the Fundraising Menu Button for details. Clip ‘N Climb was a major feature on What Now on TV2 every week during Term 2.