Tips You Need to Know about Indoor Climbing

If you are a person who is into extreme sports or adventure sports—especially something such as rock climbing—but can’t get some time to go rock climbing outdoor or live in a place where there’s no rock landscape that will let you perform such an activity, then indoor rock climbing is an ultimate option best for […]

The Basics of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most exciting outdoor sports that is undeniably fun and thrilling. Due to the nature of the sport, people who engage in it are prone to risks and accidents, which only emphasizes the need for safety precautions and proper guidance. With this, it is important to know the basic rules […]

Rock Climbing Tips

No matter how adept you are in the sport, everyone can use these tips to enhance their climbing skills and at the same time give onlookers a good performance.   Imagine that you are on a ladder as you climb. Climb further as you move as though you are ascending from a ladder.   Don’t […]

3 Types of Rock Climbing—an Introduction

With no doubt, rock climbing is one of the most enjoyable and fun sports ever. But, when you happen to be a newbie to this sport, then you have to at least get the fundamentals of rock climbing for you to grasp a universal idea regarding the particular sport and about what it involves. Basically, […]

Top Rock Climbing Destinations in the USA

The United States of America has always been abundant when it comes to unique rock formations that are ideal for rock climbing. Adventurers around the world travel to the US for the thrill of the adventure, to explore the rocky regions of the US, and dare to face the challenge. The US is a vast […]

Hiking Tips for First-Timers

Hiking, as we all know, is something that some people do on a regular basis. There are hiking enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of hiking from one place to another, getting immersed with their surroundings and inner selves with each step. Hiking is also a great workout routine with low impact. It could help you […]

Important Equipment to Bring with You When Hiking

There are several important equipment that you need to bring with you if you plan to go on hiking, especially if you’re going to hike on a long trail. The following list that will be shown below are the most priority items you must have: Common sense More than any item or material, a good […]

Keep Your Water Fresh and Clean

Clean water is something that is hard to find nowadays. Gone are the days where we could roam around the mountains with our friends or family and find any local water source and drink from it. At some point or another, the water is either dirty or contaminated by a nearby power plant. There’s a […]

Rock Climbing Tips

Rock climbing has become a very popular sport over the last decade and has become a favorite selection both inside and out. Even though technique and equipment have evolved tremendously, it’s still crucial that climbers, particularly those new to the sport, take care to understand the basics well, take all essential security precautions and keep […]

Interesting Facts About Indoor Wall Climbing

Over the years people have mimicked a lot of things just to get a feel of how it would be if it were done differently. A lot of outdoor ventures thus became indoor ventures, and one such factor is wall climbing also known as rock climbing. Rock climbing in one of the adventurous tasking right […]