3 Types of Rock Climbing—an Introduction

With no doubt, rock climbing is one of the most enjoyable and fun sports ever. But, when you happen to be a newbie to this sport, then you have to at least get the fundamentals of rock climbing for you to grasp a universal idea regarding the particular sport and about what it involves. Basically, this is because there’s a lot to learn although even acquiring information into the fundamentals will really be beneficial for you to begin with.

If you have been performing rock climbing previously, then you are aware that it’s really not the easiest type of sport, while both outdoor and indoor rock climbing really need practice and are super demanding similar to what other sport does. Most likely, you have observed that you had a nice workout in any case and in a very brief time according to what kind of climbing you’ve already experienced. The following are the three types of rock climbing—a beginners guide.

  1. Top roping.

One of the most essential introductory topics for rock climbing is about the 3 various types of climbing. The most common type is termed as the top roping and, basically, it’s climbing with a partner. Your partner will be responsible for belaying you on the ground. A rope will run from his/her harness up to the highest part of the wall and then round a pulley and then back down, linking to the climbers harness.

  1. Lead climbing.

The next kind of climb is very much the same as top roping, which is termed as lead climbing. In this instance, the buddy system basically works the same way, with one climbing and one man belaying in the ground. However, in this case, the rope must be hooked up into clasps while the climber goes up the wall rather than the rope being up at the top of the wall. But, with lead climbing, the climber should grab the rope, hang from the wall from one hand, and pull the rope up to properly clip it into the clasps. This type of activity may be too physically challenging to some people, which depends on various factors.

  1. Bouldering.

The last but not the least type of rock climbing is known as bouldering. Bouldering is a kind of free-climbing without any harnesses or ropes— hence, this is simply the hardest and the most challenging type of rock climbing among the three so far. Here, the climber has to stay too close to the ground and must climb around the wall more than up the wall.

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