How to Start Lead Climbing

One of the most common fears that people have is the fear of heights and the probability of falling from it. Even climbers, beginners or not, still feel the fright of being too far from the ground, with gravity as a daunting constant.

An alternative way to see fear is to use it to your advantage. The nature of feeling fear is because your senses tell you that something is wrong and that something could go wrong. For instance, whenever you are in a situation where you feel like going further to that direction would put you at risk, fear will tell and compel you to go the other way. Therefore, fear helps us rationalize what further steps we should take for us not to be in danger or to steer ourselves in the right direction.

However, it is essential to handle your thoughts whenever you feel fearful. Usually, when we get scared, it gets the best of us as it makes us overthinkers and overthinking often produce poor choices. With this, it is crucial to master controlling your thoughts. Practice talking to yourself as you turn your fear into a positive instinct.

It could also help you whenever you mentally familiarize your climbing route to reduce your fear. Before you start climbing, you can look for holds and rests, think ahead about your positioning, and map out the climb for you to have a much easier time when you finally go through your climb.

Convincing yourself to lead climb and doing it is one of the best ways to say goodbye to your fear of heights.

This means that experiencing climbing is still the best way to overcome your fear. With the right safety gears and equipment, even if you fail a couple of times or succeed at your first time, what’s crucial is you learn the sport and be safe while you’re at it. To do this effectively, you should at least learn the basic techniques and climbing strategies.

When you get in the hang of learning the basics and trusting your equipment, you’ll find yourself more confident in doing climbs.

Think a few steps ahead of your next step.

Through this, the unfortunate chance of you being cornered in a risky position will not happen. Think clearly about the precision and accuracy of your moves and make sure that you are focused on doing so.

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