Important Equipment to Bring with You When Hiking

There are several important equipment that you need to bring with you if you plan to go on hiking, especially if you’re going to hike on a long trail. The following list that will be shown below are the most priority items you must have:

  1. Common sense

More than any item or material, a good judgement saves a lot of people. The moment you feel that your heel is getting hot, stop hiking. If the clouds start to get dark, go home. You need to obey the guidelines and signs and consider what you’re going to perform before you actually do it.

  1. Pack or bag.

As you hike, you can place all of your things in a fanny pack. If you have more equipment you can always use a bigger pack but you need to ensure that it’s comfortable and it has great quality.

  1. Compass and map.

Regardless if you have been on that trail for several times or it is your first time, there is always a huge possibility for you to get lost. Bad weather, unexpected injuries, wild animals or a closed trail might all need an instant route change. You need to know how to properly use a compass as you read your map accurately for you to keep on your course or get back to it easily. Merely having a map or a compass does not guarantee you well, instead you should treat them as one of your team.

  1. Water

The main reason why a lot of people do not bring enough water during hiking is because water seem to be heavy. However, you have to at least drink 3 quarts per day—which is equivalent to 6 pounds. Drinking a lot of water before you start hiking to make your body well-hydrated is also a great idea.

  1. Flashlight.

Take your flashlight anytime since a bad weather or an injury might occur, which will simply keep you out through the night. LED headlamps are good examples of a flashlight since they are very small, very bright, long-lasting and inexpensive.

  1. Food.

Your body will exert several energies as it hauls you all over the steep hills. A great way to keep the motor running and the tank full is to continually take your snack throughout the hiking. Once you wait to eat if you feel hungry, your body will already be in need. To stay strong, it is best to eat and drink water frequently throughout the day.

  1. Sunscreen and sunglasses.

The heat of the bright sun is too hard on your eyes and squinting can lead to headaches as well. Hence, wearing great sunglasses will make your day a lot safer and more pleasant.

  1. Whistle.

All you have to do to is to blow air. Even if you broke your legs OD if you are at the end of a cliff, you can still utilize whistle and it sound can convey far to the possible rescuers near you. But always keep in mind to only use it if there’s an emergency and not just for fun as you hike.

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