Rock Climbing Tips

No matter how adept you are in the sport, everyone can use these tips to enhance their climbing skills and at the same time give onlookers a good performance.


  1. Imagine that you are on a ladder as you climb. Climb further as you move as though you are ascending from a ladder.


  1. Don’t overuse your hands when gripping holds. If you do, you will most likely tire your arms out earlier than you might expect.


  1. Utilize your other body parts equally. This means that you should also use your feet and legs as often as you use your arms and hands.


  1. Trust your lower body. All day, you are standing on your legs; thus, you should take advantage of the fact that your legs are in fact stronger than your arms.


  1. Don’t get too caught up worrying about your belayer. You should be able to trust your belayer for you to focus on your climbing.


  1. At times, you can use a smaller hold or intermediate hold for you to have a better grip. To do this, you have to be able to concentrate and focus on what is within your reach.


  1. Climb starting from the bottom, not from the top. Before you climb, it would be strategic to look is there is a pattern that you can follow when climbing up.


  1. With your hips being the center, it is best if you climb in an X shape, and hang with your arms straight for your skeletal structure can take much hold if contrasted to your muscle strength.


  1. Of course, climbing is a sport that deals with elevation and heights. With this, the constant conquering of this fear is needed. A good strategy or trick when climbing is to never look further than your feet so that you can place them accurately for hold.


  1. Don’t rush. Take your time as you climb. Focus and make every move precise and make sure that you execute it correctly. Concentrate on making your body deliver the proper steps as you climb upwards.

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